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We are the new owners of Yahweh's Paws. We come from a long animal care background having operated a 501(c)3 small animal rescue since 2006. Recently the opportunity arose for us to move our rescue to Tonopah and take over this grooming and boarding business as well as operate our rescue here. We specialize in special needs pets and have certified vet techs on-site, so we can provide your pet with the utmost care. 


Yahweh's Paws LLC aims to make comfortable pets and owners who feel comfortable leaving them with us. We offer competitive prices because we love what we do.  There is no place like home but we aim to be the next best thing. Our goal is that they will be able to enjoy themselves here, while you are away. 

We cherish and enjoy every creature we have the privilege to encounter. We invite your pets to come to be a part.


Yahweh's Paws LLC are proud members of the IBPSA: International Boarding & Pet Services Association.

Members of IBPSA: International Boarding & Pet Services Association

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